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Bremen, a town with about 550,000 inhabitants, is the second most important foreign trade location in Germany. It has an international seaport and a trading centre right at the North Sea (Bremerhaven). Bremen is an important location for the automobile, steel and aerospace industry as well as for electronics and shipbuilding.

The river Weser runs through Bremen. Along the river one can find many possibilities for recreation such as walking, biking and skating. There are also various cafes and restaurants.

Other recreation areas are extensive parks such as the Buergerpark and the Rhododendronpark. You can find many other attractive destinations for outings not far away from Bremen (Blockland, Worpswede,Hasbruch, Wildeshauser Geest etc.)

Many different museums and collections (art, history and science), cinemas, theatres, opera, ballet, productions for children and youth as well as festivals and concerts invite visitors to experience a wide range of culture and amusement.

There are also several centres for fringe and youth cultural scene.
Tradition and provocation, established customs and delight in experimentation are all represented here.

Bremen's city centre has many wonderful old houses built in the time when Bremen played a major role among the towns of the medieval Hanseatic League.

Highlights are the Schnoor and the market place with the town hall as well as the Boettcher street. The historic city centre includes above all a lively pub and restaurant scene.

The typical houses are small row houses, most of them with a small garden.

Bremen has several universities and institutes. It has a well-developed research scene, and is Germany's ”City of Science 2005".

Last but not least Bremen is home of the top-class soccer team SV Werder Bremen. The Weser Stadium, with a capacity for 43,000 fans, is the venue for battles for the top position in Germany's Bundesliga and European Champion's League. Bremen also hosts the 6-days professional cycle race.