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In order to consider your application we need all the documents listed below.
Please do not send original documents; certified copies are acceptable at the time of application.

Please note that we do have to see the originals later when you register at the University of Bremen.
Documents in languages other than German or English must be translated into German or English and notarized.

We recommend to send your application with a courier service which offers a tracking service. It is faster than the regular mail and you can check by yourself if and when your application arrived.

  • Documents needed for the application:
  • a letter of motivation, explaining your special scientific interest for enrolment in the Environmental Physics Programme
  • a detailed curriculum vitae
  • two letters of recommendation
  • a certificate of your English proficiency (or proof that your undergraduate teaching language was English)
  • a certificate of secondary school, including graduation scheme
  • a certificate of B.Sc. degree, Fachhochschul Diplom, including graduation scheme
  • a list of courses and practicals completed at the home university, including their duration and the final grades
  • Please use the online application of our University: http://www.uni-bremen.de/en/masterportal/master-of-science.html, follow the link "Online application" on the right hand side, register, fill the requested information in and upload all requested documents as pdf. The application is cost free.
  • Contact the administrator of that page if you have technical problems with registration, log in or upload of documents.