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  • Visa
  • Your entry permit to Germany depends on the country of origin (need of visa, need of admission letter, confirmation of financial support etc.). You will need the letter of admission to the Postgraduate Programme Environmental Physics which will arrive several weeks after the admission board decided about. We strongly advice to arrive about 4 weeks before the programme starts, to do all necessary steps. You will have to contract a private health insurance via a local travel agency until the students health insurance will be valid. We recommend to start the application procedures for entry as soon as possible.
  • If you have to apply for a visa make sure it is issued as Student-Visa!
  • The German Embassy issues a study visa and after arrival the Aliens Office in Bremen a residence permit only on the condition that the student has a minimum allowance of 720 EURO per month. Students from non-EU Member States must provide documentary proof (from their parents, from the grant-awarding authority etc.) that they have enough money to cover the costs of living and studying in Bremen. They may also be asked to present bank statements. Students/Citizens from EU Member States do not have to apply for visa.

  • Health insurance
  • A requirement for enrolment at a German university is a legal health insurance. It is available from the German national health care system. The monthly rates are
  • for students younger than 30 years: about EURO 70/month (family members are included)
  • for students (of any age): about EURO 160/month (family members have be insured separately) maximum duration 2 years
  • This health insurance covers all necessary medical treatment, apart from diseases previously diagnosed and certain deductibles for dental treatment and glasses. Under certain conditions it is possible to retain cove rage through your health insurance plan in your home country. Please check with your current health insurance company before coming to Bremen. (Your insurance company would have to certify that!)
  • Accommodation
  • Students can find a place to stay in the Student Welfare Service (Studentenwerk) maintained student houses which are located around the university, most of them within walking distance. When the student's application form has been received, the Studentenwerk may arrange accommodation for the duration of the study programme. The university student houses can boast modern student living facilities. The rooms and flats all have cooking facilities and bathrooms. There are apartments for one up to eight. Student clubs which exist around the houses promote an open student life and international flair.
  • For further information and the application form for housing in a dormitory, please follow this link http://www.stw-bremen.de/en/wohnen/student-accommodation (check the information provided under FAQs, too).
  • Monthly rates for private housing vary from € 250/300 to € 600 or even more (according to what you are looking for, single-room apartment or more bedrooms). Probably about 2000 students are looking for accommodation in Bremen at the beginning of October and the situation is getting tight. In general, private apartments are not furnished.
  • How to find us
  • All foreign students are offered help for getting to Bremen once you arrived in Germany. In any case, please inform us in time of your flight arrivals / train arrivals!
  • The Institute of Environmental Physics is located in the Building NW1 at the southern part of the campus (grid square C1) at the Otto-Hahn-Allee.
  • If you arrive in Bremen via airplane you easily get to the University campus with the tram line no.6 (the stop where you get off is named NW1)
  • If you arrive Bremen via railway please leave the station in direction "Zentrum" center/city and also take tram no.6 (direction University). To see where the university is located in the city area of Bremen please click here