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The University of Bremen offers the programme without tuition fees. However, each semester you will have to pay the "Rückmeldegebühr" of approx. € 320,00. It includes free public transport within Bremen and surroundings ("Semesterticket").

Please be aware that the living cost in Germany might be higher than in other countries. It is estimated that students in Bremen will require approx. 720 EURO per month to cover the costs of living and study.

  • Essential costs include:
  • Accommodation: 300 EURO per month on average (deposit: one to two months rent, returned on expiry of the duration of rent - if there is no cause for complaint).
  • Medical insurance: approx. 70 EURO per month.
  • Lunch in the refectory: 2.50 EURO per day on average.
  • The amount required for other costs (food, books, stationery, travel, clothes, sport/leisure etc.) varies from person to person, but is unlikely to be less than 285 EURO per month.
  • More information about health insurance and accomodation in "Information for Students from Abroad"