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  • Master Thesis : In the second year of the Master’s course, each student works on a project in one of the research groups at the IUP (Institute of Environmental Physics) or the AWI (Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research).
  • Criteria for Thesis Paper and Master Thesis (only visible from inside IUP / PEP)
  • Below you find: new topics for master theses and many examples of recent master theses
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New Topics for Master Theses

Master Theses done by PEP Students:

Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry

A fast SCIAMACHY PMD Cloud Algorithm (SPCA)
Characterization of a Miniaturized DOAS Instrument for Automobile Applications
Deriving an ocean colour product from measurement of the GOME and SCIAMACHY instruments
Detection and mapping of polar stratospheric clouds with SCIAMACHY limb scattering observations
Determination of aerosol characteristics for aerosol remote sensing at the site Bremen
Efficiency of the Chemical Amplification Technique for the Measurement and Speciation of Different Mixtures of Peroxy Radicals
Error analysis of the long term Mg II index from SCIAMACHY, GOME and GOME-2
Estimation of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emission rates using Methane Airborne MAPper (MAMAP) spectroscopic measurements
Full retrieval method (FURM) analysis in view to tropospheric ozone caused by tropical biomass burning and urban pollution
Intercomparison of Ozone Profiles Measured by SCIAMACHY, MIPAS and GOME abord the Envisat Satellite
Investigation of long-term variations in stratospheric ozone through the combination of different O3 data sets
Intercomparison of top of atmosphere reflectances measured by GOME and ATSR-2 on board ERS-2
Investigation of solar variability using satellite measurements of the MGII index
Investigation of the Amplification Efficiency of Gases Other Than CO for the Measurement of Atmospheric Peroxy Radicals by Chemical Amplification
Mapping of Tropospheric Greenhouse Gases using Airborne Near-Infrared / Shortwave-Infrared Spectroscopy
Measurement of Indoor Air Pollution by Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) In NW1 building University of Bremen
Methane line parameters investigation using FTIR spectroscopy
On the Optimum use of Mg II Index as a Proxy for UV SSI Variation Models
Peroxy radical measurements under controlled conditions and further investigation of pressure dependence of PERCA for airborne measurements
Sensitivity studies related to tropospheric ozone satellite retrieval using the cloud slicing method
Terrestrial Plant Fluorescence as seen from Satellite Data
Total DOAS Measurements in Bremen
Transport of NO2 by cyclones: Comparing model simulations and satellite observations
Validation of ECMWF tropopause heights using sonde data
Volatile Organic Compound emissions from Animal Husbandry
Wave Signatures in SCIAMACHY OH* (3-1) Rotational Temperature Measurements

Remote Sensing


Terrestrial Environmental Physics

Climate Sciences