Admission Requirements

  • a first B.Sc./ university degree (3 to 4 year course) in physics or mathematics or another appropriately related field of studies which includes a substantial portion of advanced physics and mathematics (in these cases a GRE subject test might be required by the admission board)
  • a valid proof of your competence in the English language at a level of C1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (e.g. TOEFL test result minimum score of 95 iBT, IELTS test result Bd. 7.0 etc.). Applicants who obtained their university entrance qualification or prior academic degree in the English language may provide this proof by presenting their respective degree certificate (English as medium of instruction to be confirmed by a notice on your degree certificate / transcript of records or by a separate confirmation letter from your university).
  • a Letter of Motivation (max. 1 page) explaining why you have chosen our study programme
  • two Reference Letters (with letterhead + original signature) issued within the past two years. At least one of these letters must be issued by a professor who taught you during your prior degree-course or, alternatively, by your present employer (the letters shall include a reference to the subject you wish to study)

In addition, we ask for your curriculum vitae (CV in tabular form) and your school leaving certificate. For more detailed information see the links on the right hand side.

PEP self test

Students who want to start their studies in our master programme need a good background knowledge (at university level) in physics and mathematics. Please see our FAQs and/or try our quick self test for a short self-assessment.