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If I do not have a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics may I still apply with a Bachelor’s degree in a related science?

The PEP Master programme requires a firm base in physics and mathematics at a university level. It is expected that applicants have an understanding of atomic and molecular quantum physics, practical knowledge of calculus and linear algebra, and an understanding of vector analysis and matrix algebra with eigenvalues. Please check our admission requirements and see our brief "self-test [411 KB] " to learn if you meet these standards. If you feel that you meet these standards, your application is welcome! While not strictly required, applications including a GRE General Test or Subject Test in physics, chemistry, or mathematics will be given priority over those without. If you still have questions related to your specific case, do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

What are the differences between the M.Sc. study programme and a Certificate?

The M.Sc. study programme requires two years (120 credit points) and finishes with an accredited and internationally recognized academic degree. The Certificate study programme is only 60 credit points and may be thought of as a special training in the areas of environmental physics you are most interested in. In practice, all lectures and example classes are shared between both study programmes, thus enabling the student to easily pass from one to the other during study.

Do I need to have German language skills?

We do not ask for a certain level of knowledge of the German language for applications to our programme, however, of course it is helpful for studying and living in Germany.

Where may I take the Graduate Record Examination (GRE)?

This depends on where you currently reside, please see and for more information.

Do I have to pay tuition fees at the University of Bremen?

There is no “tuition fee” associated with studying at the University of Bremen. There is, however, a semester fee (see next chapter).

Do I have to pay semester fees at the University of Bremen?

Yes, students have to pay a semester fee (twice a year). This fee includes special transportation (providing a regional public transportation ticket to the student) and also University administration fees. At present, students have to pay this amount (scroll down to semester contribution).

Cost of living in Bremen

Please check our university’s webpage on cost of living.