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Courses + Course Descriptions

Compulsory Courses

Winter Semester:

Atmospheric Chemistry I (6 CP / 1st semester)
Atmospheric Physics (6 CP / 1st semester)
Dynamics I (6 CP / 1st semester)
Inverse Methods and Data Analysis (6 CP / 1st semester)
Physical Oceanography (6 CP / 1st semester)
Soil Physics (3 CP / 1st semester)
Proseminar on Presentation Techniques in Environmental Physics (3 CP / 3rd semester)

Summer Semester:

Climate System I (4 CP / 2nd semester)
Dynamics II (4 CP / 2nd semester)
Measurement Techniques (6 CP / 2nd semester)
Remote Sensing I (4 CP / 2nd semester)

Elective Courses

Atmospheric Aerosols
Atmospheric Chemistry Modelling: Part 1 (Theory)
Atmospheric Chemistry Modelling: Part 2 (Laboratory)
Atmospheric Spectroscopy
Chemistry and Dynamics of the Ozone Layer
Climate II
Climate Modelling: Part 1
Climate Modelling: Part 2
Cloud Physics
Digital Image Processing
General Meteorology
Global Carbon Cycle
Ice Mass Balance and Remote Sensing
Instrumental Techniques for Environmental Measurements
Mathematical Modelling
Microwave Remote Sensing
Ocean Optics and Ocean Color Remote Sensing
Physical Oceanography II
Polar Oceanography
Practical Data Analysis with Python
Statistics and Error Analysis
Unix I / Linux I
Unix II / Linux II

All the a/m courses (= modules) have 3 CP and comprise lectures and example classes. The credit points for a course are granted upon a successful examination performance (graded) and a successful course performance.

For further information about which elective courses are given in a certain semester, please check the current course catalog, select the semester you are looking for (“Semesterauswahl + choose”) and click on our programme name (under Fachbereich 01: Physik / Elektrotechnik).


In your third semester, you will have to do a so-called preparatory project (18 CPs) which includes the preparation of a thesis paper on a possible research project which – as a rule – should be closely related to the subsequent master’s thesis.

Master’s Thesis

In your fourth semester, you will prepare your master’s thesis and hold a colloquium to your master’s thesis (30 CPs).


IUP Seminar on Environmental Physics
Seminar on Physics and Chemistry of the Atmosphere
Seminar on Physical Oceanography
Seminar on Radioactivity and Radiation Protection
Seminar on Remote Sensing
Seminar on Atmospheric Chemistry Modelling
Climate Sciences Seminar

Here, you find a list of many recent master’s theses:

Here, you find a list of several new topics for future master’s theses: