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Master Theses done by PEP Students

Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry

Author Title
Christodoulou, A. (2017) Investigating the role of respiration in CO2 outgassing from inland waters
Khordakova, D. (2017) Diurnal behavior and temporal patterns of atmospheric peroxy radicals in a semi-urban area during summer 2016
Igbinehi, N. (2017) Sensitivity studies related to tropospheric ozone satellite retrieval using the cloud slicing method
Darvishsefat, N. (2016) On the Optimum use of Mg II Index as a Proxy for UV SSI Variation Models
Liu, Y. (2016) Investigation of the Amplification Efficiency of Gases Other Than CO for the Measurement of Atmospheric Peroxy Radicals by Chemical Amplification
Unaichi, C. C. (2016) Intercomparison of top of atmosphere reflectances measured by GOME and ATSR-2 on board ERS-2
Keith, M. R. (2015) Transport of NO2 by cyclones: Comparing model simulations and satellite observations
Haque, M. I. (2014) Characterization of a Miniaturized DOAS Instrument for Automobile Applications
Riaz, A. (2013) Error analysis of the long term Mg II index from SCIAMACHY, GOME and GOME-2
Safadi, L. (2013) Efficiency of the Chemical Amplification Technique for the Measurement and Speciation of Different Mixtures of Peroxy Radicals
Krautwurst, S. (2013) Estimation of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emission rates using Methane Airborne MAPper (MAMAP) spectroscopic measurements
Sreemaka, K. (2012) Methane line parameters investigation using FTIR spectroscopy
Khosravi, N. (2012) Terrestrial Plant Fluorescence as seen from Satellite Data
Shakeri, F. (2010) Investigation of solar variability using satellite measurements of the MGII index
Ebojie, F. (2009) Investigation of long-term variations in stratospheric ozone through the combination of different satellite ozone data sets
Ahmad, I. (2009) Determination of aerosol characteristics for aerosol remote sensing at the site Bremen
Javed, M. U. (2009) ToTaL DOAS Measurements in Bremen
Bertagnolio, P. P. (2008) Mapping of Tropospheric Greenhouse Gases using Airborne Near-Infrared / Shortwave-Infrared Spectroscopy
Nwadike, O. (2008) Measurement of Indoor Air Pollution by Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) In NW1 building University of Bremen
Azam, F. (2007) Wave Signatures in SCIAMACHY OH* (3-1) Rotational Temperature Measurements
Yan, X. (2005) A fast SCIAMACHY PMD Cloud Algorithm (SPCA)
Ngwa, M. N. (2005) Volatile Organic Compound emissions from Animal Husbandry
Jolaosho, O. V. (2004) Full Retrieval Method (FURM) Analysis in view to Tropospheric Ozone caused by Tropical Biomass Burning and Urban Pollution
Ulasi, E. P. (2004) Detection and mapping of polar stratospheric clouds with SCIAMACHY limb scattering observations
Kartal, D. (2004) Peroxy radical measurements under controlled conditions and further investigation of pressure dependence of PERCA for airborne measurements
Kumi Barimah, E. (2004) Deriving an ocean colour product from measurements of the GOME and SCIAMACHY instruments
Tetteh, F. K. (2003) Intercomparison of Ozone Profiles Measured by SCIAMACHY, MIPAS and GOMOS aboard the Envisat Satellite

Remote Sensing


Terrestrial Environmental Physics

Climate Sciences

Author Title
Khosravi, S. (2017) Comparison of the Past Climate in Northern Canada and Greenland
Peya, D. (2017) Dissolution of CaCO3 in the present and glacial ocean: A comparison of the effects of different dissolution parameterizations
Schlenker, M. (2017) Circulation and water properties under the landfast ice in the southeastern Laptev Sea
Zampieri, L. (2017) Verification of Seasonal and Sub-seasonal Sea Ice Forecasts
Sonntag, I. (2017) Near-surface turbulent fluxes at Kohnen Station on the East Antarctic Plateau
Vhuiyan, M. R. (2016) Improving the Description of the Formation of CaCO3 in a Global Biogeochemical Model
Hutter, N. (2015) Viscous Plastic Sea Ice Models at Very High Resolution
Pinheiro Campos, C. (2015) The impacts of Arctic sea ice reduction on the ocean circulation from global coupled model simulations
Hannemann, T. (2015) Modeling of the mineral dust cycle under present and glacial climate conditions

Patilea, C. (2014) Ocean circulation and sea-ice distribution changes induced by an increased melting rate under the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf
Abrams, J. F. (2011) An Investigation of the Geoengineering Possibilities and Impact of Enhanced Olivine Weathering
Sampson, B. E. (2010) Laboratory investigations of the photochemical degradation of acetaldehyde (CH3CHO) and acrylic acid (CH2CHCOOH) in ice
Chirila, D. B. (2009) Lattice Boltzmann Ocean Simulator
Behrendt, A. (2008) Comparison of the Current Field in Fram Strait derived from ADCP Measurements and Mooring Data
Manohar, S. N. (2008) FTIR Spectroscopic Studies of Atmospheric Molecules in Ice and on Ice Surfaces
Bora, S. (2008) Wave Adjustment in a Finite Element Ocean Model
Zhang, J. (2007) Box and Low-order Models of the Thermohaline Circulation
Dsouza, N. (2007) Zonally Averaged Models with Different Parameterizations and Applications
Annor, T. (2004) Investigation of the Photochemical Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) and Formaldehyde (HCHO) in Artificial Snow
Quansah, E. (2004) Photochemical Decomposition of Nitrate (NO3) in Artificial Snow