Abrupt Climate Change, Modelling + Theory

  • Abrupt Climate Change, Modelling + Theory
  • Lecturer: Prof. Dr. G. Lohmann

Lecture content:

Abrupt climate change: Modelling and Theory
One can define abrupt climate change in the time and frequency domain.

a) Time domain: Abrupt climate change refers to a large shift in climate
that persists for years or longer, such as marked changes in average
temperature, or altered patterns of storms, floods, or droughts, over a
widespread area that takes place so rapidly that the natural system has
difficulty adapting to it.

b) Frequency domain: An abrupt change means that the characteristic
periodicity changes. Also the phase relation between certain climate
variables may change in a relatively short time.
For both types of changes examples will be provided. The content of the
course will include concepts, time series analysis as well as modelling
using simplified climate models.

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