An Introduction to Global Atmospheric Modelling

  • An Introduction to Global Atmospheric Modelling
  • Lecturer: PD Dr. V. Eyring

Lecture content:

Computer Modelling is a powerful tool in atmospheric sciences. Global three-dimensional models are used to assess the anthropogenic impact on the chemical composition of the atmosphere and on climate. It is a challenging task to find the balance between detailed representation of physical and chemical processes and numerical efficiency. The lecture gives an overview of the main components of global models and explains the underlying basics and the numerical formulation of the fundamental equations. Different types of atmospheric models are introduced, while the focus is on state-of-the-art three-dimensional global circulation models (GCMs) and coupled chemistry-climate models (CCMs). In addition, selected areas of current research activities are presented. The lecture closes with most recent examples on applications of CCMs and an outlook on Earth System Models. The lecture will be accompanied by problem solving.Environmental optical sensors are an important element of todays monitoring of sea, land and atmosphere.