Atmospheric Aerosols

  • Lecturer:
  • Dr. M. Vountas
  • Dr. Linlu Mei
  • Dr. Nikolaos Daskalakis

Lecture content:

The effect of anthropogenic aerosols is the source of one of the largest uncertainties
in the radiative forcing of climate over the industrial period. This lecture will give you
an overview of the fundamentals and current research on aerosols. An introduction
will motivate research on aerosols. We will then have a look at the fundamentals of
atmospheric radiation, light scattering and terrestrial radiative transfer accounting
specifically for aerosols. Finally we will look at the microphysical properties of
aerosols and different measurement techniques.

Topics covered:

Fundamentals of atmospheric radiation
Light scattering theories
Atmospheric radiative transfer
Microphysics of aerosols
Measurement techniques (and their application) of aerosols