Dynamics 1

Lecture Content

This lecture deals with the motions of the atmosphere and ocean that are associated with weather and climate. The course will start by considering the fundamental equations that govern the evolution of weather and climate. This is followed by a discussion of various approximations such as the geostrophic and thermal wind balance. Given the importance of rotating motion in for climate, this lecture also provides an introduction to vorticity and circulation as well as synoptic-scale motions. Furthermore, the basic functioning of planetary boundary layers will be considered including interaction between small-scale turbulent and balanced large-scale motions. The lecture will finish by discussing the basics of atmospheric and oceanic Rossvy waves.

Recommended reading:

Holton: An introduction to dynamic meteorology, Elsevier Academic Press
Marshall and Plumb: Atmosphere, Ocean and Climate Dynamics, Academic Press

Invisible in the Storm: Role of Mathematics in Understanding Weather, Princeton Univers. Press, I Roulstone and J. Norbury