Physics of Polar Ice Core Records

  • Physics of Polar Ice Core Records
  • Lecturer: Dr. M. Hörhold

Lecture content:

In this practical course we will conduct exercises and model experiments with data from the field of polar research using the open source software Python.

On selected topics from the science of ice core records we will learn and practice how to use Python as an exemplary software for the processing, analysis and display of data. Current research and physical problems of ice core research will be discussed.

Examples are

- the interpretation of ice cores as climate records
- how to derive past temperatures from ice core data
- the transformation from snow to ice
- physical properties of snow and ice and its meaning for ice core records

At the end of the semester a visit to the cold room laboratories of the Glaciology group at the Alfred-Wegener-Institute in Bremerhaven is planned.

Aim of the course is to strengthen the computing skills of the students and to get familiar with practical applications based on available data from the field of ice core science.