Practical Physical Oceanography

Lecture content:

The students will join the research vessel “Heincke” in Helgoland. During day trips in
the North Sea around Helgoland the instructors will first demonstrate the usage of
oceanographic measurement equipment. The students will subsequently handle the
equipment themselves under supervision. Technically, this includes: software
preparation, equipment preparation, decision regarding sampling strategy, hardware
demobilization, data recovery, data conversion, data analysis.

The investigated topics include:

- Ocean stratification and water masses based in hydrographic measurements
- Ocean circulation based on ocean current measurements (underway + mooring)
- Ocean forcing: Meteorological measurements
- Ocean surface processes: Underway surface measurements
- Biological sampling

At night the students will sleep in an AWI guesthouse on Helgoland. The last day will
include a transit to Bremerhaven where the cruise ends.