new topics for masterīs theses

New Topics for Master Theses

Improving an optimal estimation method used to retrieve geophysical parameters from satellite observations in the Arctic and comparison to MOSAiC measurement [657 KB]
Sea ice melt in the marginal ice zone (MIZ) [237 KB]
Impact of sea ice morphology on formation of melt ponds [236 KB]
Transport fluctuations of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current [464 KB]
Arctic upper ocean phyiscs and biophysics: in-situ observations by ice-tethered buoys [395 KB]
Horizontal velocity in the central Arctic from in-situ observations [261 KB]
Visual sea ice observations on icebreakers: A comparison of data collected by non-experts with professional observers [127 KB]
Role of the Central Intermediate Water (CIW) of the Weddell Sea, Southern Ocean [154 KB]
Surface energy balance of Arctic and Antarctic sea ice [233 KB]
Climate change recorded in water isotopes during the last 2,000 years [172 KB]
Present of clouds in the Arctic seen from space [245 KB]
Change of near surface particulate matter concentration over mega cities [104 KB]
Characterisation of bromine explosion events and their impact on tropospheric ozone depletion in Ny-Alesund [235 KB]
Sensitivity of Spaceborne Microwave Radiometers to Surface and Atmospheric Parameters [270 KB]
Modelling and Retrieval of Sea Ice Thickness from Microwave Radiometer Satellite Observations [456 KB]
Parametrization of basal melting in a shallow grounding zone using FESOM1.4 [196 KB]
PM-AI: particulate matter prediction based on artificial intelligence methods [445 KB]
Retrieving atmospheric temperature from FTS measurements [30 KB]
Remote sensing of lake ice from microwave observations [1.256 KB]