new topics for masterīs theses

New Topics for Master Theses

Multi-parameter satellite retrieval for the Arctic: Improving an optimal estimation method toobserve sea ice and atmosphere parameters by including their covariances [698 KB]
(Satellite) Radar backscattering of different Antarctic sea ice types [403 KB]
Sea ice melt in the marginal ice zone (MIZ) [237 KB]
Impact of sea ice morphology on formation of melt ponds [236 KB]
Size of eddies in the Arctic Ocean [388 KB]
Transport fluctuations of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current [464 KB]
Arctic upper ocean phyiscs and biophysics: in-situ observations by ice-tethered buoys [395 KB]
Horizontal velocity in the central Arctic from in-situ observations [261 KB]
Visual sea ice observations on icebreakers: A comparison of data collected by non-experts with professional observers [127 KB]
Role of the Central Intermediate Water (CIW) of the Weddell Sea, Southern Ocean [154 KB]
Surface energy balance of Arctic and Antarctic sea ice [233 KB]
Climate change recorded in water isotopes during the last 2,000 years [172 KB]
Evolution of the temperature and velocity in the West Spitsbergen Current 1997-2020 [294 KB]
Present of clouds in the Arctic seen from space [245 KB]
Change of near surface particulate matter concentration over mega cities [104 KB]
Characterisation of bromine explosion events and their impact on tropospheric ozone depletion in Ny-Alesund [235 KB]
Sensitivity of Spaceborne Microwave Radiometers to Surface and Atmospheric Parameters [270 KB]
Modelling and Retrieval of Sea Ice Thickness from Microwave Radiometer Satellite Observations [456 KB]
Parametrization of basal melting in a shallow grounding zone using FESOM1.4 [196 KB]
PM-AI: particulate matter prediction based on artificial intelligence methods [445 KB]
Retrieving atmospheric temperature from FTS measurements [30 KB]
Model studies of the hydroxyl airglow layer [5 KB]
Remote sensing of lake ice from microwave observations [1.256 KB]