PD Dr. Thorsten Warneke

Curriculum Vitae

Name: Thorsten Warneke
Address: Institut für Umweltphysik, Universität Bremen, Otto-Hahn- Allee 1, 28359
Bremen, Germany
Position: Research group leader
Email: warneke@iup.physik.uni-bremen.de

1990 Abitur (college preparation exam) in May 1990
1990 – 1991 Travel (Mexico, USA, Canada)
1991 – 1994 Study of Physics and Mathematics, University of Tübingen
1994 – 1995 Study of Geophysics and Physics, Oregon State University, OR, USA and
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA
1995 – 1998 Study of Physics, Mathematics and Education, University of Heidelberg,
Degrees: a) Erstes Staatsexamen (degree for High School Teaching) in
Physics and Mathematics, b) Diplom (Masters) in Physics, Thesis: Ion
Beam Assisted Deposition of Thin Films
1998 – 2002 PhD research at the Southampton Oceanography Center, UK, Thesis:
“Characterisation of Plutonium and Uranium isotopes in the environment
using mass spectrometry”
2002 – 2005 Postdoctoral research about atmospheric trace gases using solar absorption
FTIR – spectrometry, Institute of Environmental Physics, University of
since 2005 Research group leader at the Institute of Environmental Physics, University
of Bremen

Peer reviewed publications (Oct 2017):

Total: 92
Radionuclides in the environment: 5
Remote sensing of atmospheric trace gases: 78
Mercury pollution in Suriname: 3
In situ measurements of greenhouse gas fluxes: 6