Selection of Excellent Master's Theses

Author Title
Okafor, C. (2024) Validation of GEMS satellite observations of NO2 using Ground-based DOAS-measurements in Seoul
Roscelli, L. (2023) Upper-ocean turbulence and mixing in the southern Atlantic
El Maghawry Elsayed, K. (2022) Multiviewing/Multispectral POLDER aerosol properties retrieval using SCIATRAN: Global validation
Ruhe, L. (2022) A Comparison of Drought Indices in CMIP6 Climate Projections
Gautam, S. (2021) Horizontal variability of tropospheric NO2 as observed by a MAX-DOAS instrument in Bremen
Neudert, M. (2021) Roughness and backscatter of the Nansen Sound seaice plug
Zanoli, M. (2021) Assessing dust impact on air quality using the global chemistry and transport model TM4-ECPL
Gomez, S. (2020) Assessment of the impact of OH’s temporal resolution on the global atmosphere
Sousse, R. (2020) Enhancing chemical schemes accounted in the FLEXPART v10.4 transport model using a kinetic preprocessor
Karmouche, S. (2020) Understanding dependency structures in major modes of climate variability with causal discovery
Mchedlishvili, A. (2020) Weddell Sea Polynya Sea Ice Thickness Analysis
Lartey, J. (2019) Assessing the Role of Overturning and Remineralisation on Nitrate and Oxygen Distribution in a Global Ocean Model
Körtke, W. (2019) Decadal Changes in the Atlantic Water in the Eurasian Basin
Adeniyi, K. E. (2019) Changes in drought characteristics in Earth system model simulations of the past and future
Bernal, A. (2018) Validation and Application of SCIATRAN polarisation simulations for ground-based multi-axis DOAS measurements
von Albedyll, L. (2018) Structure and variability of the circulation at tidal to intra-seasonal time scales near the 79 North Glacier
Ali, Syed M. (2018) Lagrangian observations of Arctic air mass transformation
Chiarella, R. (2018) Tropical tropospheric ozone column anomalies during ENSO events
Hutter, N. (2015) Viscous Plastic Sea Ice Models at Very High Resolution